Meet Julian and Abram.

Scott helped us to purchase our first home a duplex and sell it for a record-breaking price

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Scott helped us to purchase our first home a duplex and sell it for a record-breaking price. He was able to co-ordinate the dates for the purchase of our next home a real house!
Scott is so dedicated that we always felt like we were his only client. He is quick to respond to calls or emails, and you get him, not an assistant. He doesn’t just respond but provides the information that you were looking for. We’ve been at an open house, called him and he’s been there in 15 minutes on a Saturday afternoon. He is incredibly patient and will look at many houses with you without being pushy. He doesn’t tend to make recommendations – he provides you with the relevant information and lets you decide. Once you pull the trigger and decide to put in an offer, however, he is unstoppable.

Scott knows how houses are built, we trusted Scott to the point of making an offer with no subjects based on his assessment of a property.
As a selling realtor, Scott has a gift for focusing on the positives; after we decided to sell our first residence, Scott went over how he would market the place, and I actually had second thoughts about whether I wanted to sell – he made it sound that good. When we sold our first home, the price broke the record for a duplex.

In addition to our first-hand experience with Scott, based on our recommendations, a number of our friends and family, including some of our closest friends, have worked with him, and none have been disappointed.

Investor: We have bought two investment properties and subsequently sold one of them, all with Scott. As a buying or selling realtor, he is exceptional. We bought our first condo in a multiple offer situation and Scott recommended the right price to offer to win the bid but still come in below the appraised value. When selling a condo at a time when the market was lukewarm, we received 4 offers. He is incredibly knowledgeable about real estate. He is incredibly patient and wants what’s best for you rather than a quick sale. He once talked us out of selling our second investment property (i.e., out of a commission for himself) and we are now very grateful for that.

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"Scott is so dedicated that we always felt like we were his only client."


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