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About Trailer Parks

Buying a home in a Trailer Park is a great way to get into the Whitehorse housing market and become a homeowner. You can buy a trailer with a 5% downpayment, and it’s even possible to borrow your downpayment. Contact me for innovative buying strategies, stop paying rent. Owning your own home is more attainable and affordable than you think. Let’s work together.  

Trailer Park Rules

Trailer Parks have rules; for instance, no dogs or dogs only under 30. It is essential to understand what you are permitted to do because The Park can issue fines, or in a worst-case scenario, evict you. Before you sign on the line, ensure you’re a good fit for the park. Talk to the Park manager about your plans. Do you want to install a hot tub, build an arctic entry, extend the deck, park your RV and Argo in the yard, build a meat cooler? You don’t want to buy a home and find out that they won’t allow you to use your home as you dreamed. 

Applying for Tenancy

The Park must approve you as a tenant, but they will not randomly reject you for tenancy as a landlord who is renting out an apartment. Landlords who are renting apartments are screening tenants on totally different criteria. Trailer Park managers are looking for occupants who will agree to follow the rules and pay the rent on time. Parks do have the ability to background checks and ask for references. I can’t stress enough that you read the rules and then talk to the Park about your plans for your home before you buy it. 

Pad Rent

You own your home, but rent the land, nicknamed ‘pad rent.’ This rental agreement is similar to renting an apartment. The Park owner can increase the pad rent, and you must pay your pad rent on time every month or face eviction from the Park.

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Pro Tips


Before you start renovating, review the park rules and have a chat with the Park manager so that you don’t inadvertently break a rule. Best practice to check with The City of Whitehorse if you need a permit. City of Whitehorse bylaws for additions and arctic entries.

Save the CSA Sticker

Preserving your CSA sticker will make refinancing, insuring and selling your home much easier. In some provinces, it is illegal to sell a trailer without a CSA sticker, it is not the law in the Yukon, but laws could change. 

Home Information Sicker

Generally found on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door. This sticker will have in bold letters “Do Not Remove.” The label has legal information about your home. Manufacturer, year built, serial number, and many other specifications. Some banks will not finance homes missing this sticker. 

Seven Mobile Home Parks in Whitehorse


989 Range Rd, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 4V1


833 Range Rd, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 3A7


200 Lobird Road, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 5V3


351 Klukshu Ave, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 5G3

Kopper King

4 Prospector Road, Whitehorse YT Y1A 5G5


4 Prospector Rd, Whitehorse YT Y1A 5G5


37 Sycamore Str, Whitehorse Y1A 6E2

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