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Wanna Work Together?

I start by listening, I want to learn about your goals and interests, the uniqueness of your property and situation. I will formulate a plan to accomplish your goals.

Let’s have a coffee and get to know one another. 

My career awards

650 Sales = Advice that works 

Lifetime Achievement Award, Re/Max Hall of Fame, Medallion Club, Presidents Club, Platinum Award, Chairmans Award. 

Step 2:

My Job

Protect Your Interests 

  1. Follow your instructions
  2. Provide professional ethical advice
  3. Discuss all options 
  4. Market your property to the world
  5. Provide feedback on showings when available
  6. Present all offers, explain probable outcomes 

I’m like a Badger, I won’t back down. 


Mortgage rules have likely changed drastically since the last time you bought or sold a property. Ensure you are pre-approved for your next home purchase. 

Step 3:

Compare your Home to Others🏘

I will present to you a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your home, explaining the market conditions and a complete marketing plan for your home. 

The CMA will focus on  

  • Currently for sale – your competition
  • Recently sold – your support
  • Failed to sell – lessons to learn

This market snapshot will bring clarity to the best way to sell your home for the most money possible!

I take the time to learn the details of your home so I can market it’s best features. I want to learn its story, the features you love, plus the upgrades or repairs you have done. Even if it is bare land, I want to explore it so I can sell it with passion.

Step 4:

Prepare your Home

5 Ways To Sell Your Home.

  1. “As is” Do Nothing: I can sell you home in any condition or state.
  2. Declutter: Remove all the extra stuff and organize.
  3. Staging: I have managed two large furniture stores and have an eye for design. I can help you stage your home or tweak what you have.
  4. Cosmetic Upgrades: Painting, gardening, upgrading fixtures.
  5. Renovation: Some renovations are worth it, some are not. We will discuss your renovation ideas to ensure you make a high return on your renovation dollars.

Step 5:

Price your Home

Accurately pricing your home is crucial. Although tempting, over-pricing makes buyers compare your home with others that are in a different class. I will guide you through a comparative market analysis which will explain how I will sell your home for the most money possible in today’s market. 

Step 6:

Market Your Home

Making a great sale starts with a great first impression, whether that be online or at a scheduled viewing. I will present several marketing strategies and discuss the pros and cons of each option.⚖️

Details Matter – Subtle changes in marketing influence how buyers perceive your home. Based on your decisions, my team of professionals—including a graphic designer, photographer, videographer, and social media wizards—will produce a range of marketing materials.

Professional Marketing Options:


Floor plans

Open house brochure

For sale sign

Feature card marketing

Professional Online Marketing:






Live In

Where Do Buyers Come From?

95%, REALTORS®, Re/Max Lawn Sign 
3% family friends and neighbours
1% home builders
1% from newspaper ads.

Step 7:

Showing your Home 👀

Based on your schedule, neighbourhood traditions and the pace of the current market, we will establish a strategic showing schedule including open houses, agent opens, sneak peeks and private showings.

Feedback: I will keep you in the loop. Receiving positive or negative feedback is crucial, so you know what purchasers are thinking about your home.

Step 8:

Deadline for Offers

Orchestrating a successful multiple offer situation requires organization, skill and experience. Managing detail is crucial. If buyers and other realtors are not kept up to date, they may pursue other properties. I maximize the benefits of multiple offers by keeping all parties engaged in the bidding war. 

Step 9:


When the negotiations start I’m like a bulldog. Once I bite into a deal, I won’t let it go until it’s yours. My goal is to get you the best possible price and terms. I follow the REALTOR® Code of ethics protecting your legal interests. 

When negotiating for you, I keep your best interests at the forefront. I will make sure that you understand the fine print. That is why I am here.

I always explain and present all offers, answer your questions, discuss the options and then move forward based on your instructions.

Step 10:

Closing the Deal

I ensure all parties are on track. The Purchasers real estate agent, home inspector and bank appraiser all require timely answers. If any of these parties receive the wrong information, everything can go south.

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