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The MLS system and traditional real estate sites do not allow you to filter by architectural style 

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My list is an excellent resource for anyone who envisions their next home with clean lines, soaring windows, and an open floor plan.

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Purchasing a home with modern flare doesn’t mean you have to buy a ground-breaking specimen that’s featured in magazines, there are plenty of accessible options for buyers who love a modern look

It’s refreshing to see that modern architecture is influencing most multi-family developments and even houses built with a traditional facade embrace open, clean design principles inside. Rooms feel spacious, open and bright by incorporating large windows and high ceilings. Let’s work together!

Whitehorse Architecture

I have always loved the effortless, elegant style that modernism conveys, something that visitors to my own mid-century inspired home pick up on immediately. Whitehorse is a hotbed of modern thinking, art-loving, design enthusiast, and I cherish living here.

Vancouver based Architects like Arthur Erickson, Fred Hollingsworth and Ron Thom designed many iconic mid-century buildings inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture. Their brilliant designs known as “West Coast Modern” are rooted in nature with a “form follows function” ethos. Today, their influence is evident in the look and feel of the modern homes of Whitehorse.

I would be excited to hear from you and learn about your architectural passions

Get creative, show me the type of homes that inspire you on Instagram or in a coffee table book, and I’ll search the city for listings that match your tastes. The better I understand your style, the better I can use my 16 years of experience to find a home that represents you. I love showing properties that are bold architectural statements, new or retro.

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